My name is Ricardo Vasquez Garcia.I was born in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata. Since I was a kid, I was always grown up with music of all kinds. However since I can remember I used to listen to Latin music everyday, like Salsa, Bachata and Merengue. It is in my blood and so is dancing. After growing up, I realized I had a passion for music and dancing, so that is how it all started.I was a professional dance teacher in the Dominican for many years providing excellent classes teaching both styles, on1 and on2, to people from all over the world. I then moved to Japan in August of 2002 and opened my own dance studio in Machida, Tokyo. I provides a variety of classes to all levels and of all teaching techniques allow my students to learn the steps easily, correctly and with confidence. I provides a fun, relaxing and energetic atmosphere and I like to help students become great Latin dancers. Im looking forward to meeting you and having a dance.






Lets enjoy,learn and dance the most amazing and exiting dance inthe universe, latin dancing…Salsa,merengue,bachata etc.. Come on! n Try!to learn in the most entertaining and the easiest way. It’s the best way to reduce your stress,loseweight and just dance to have fun. Join our latin dance school in Machida..100% guarantee!! Or Money back!!




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